Binary System Podcast #98 – Horror movies with special guest Hannah


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The nights are longer, the air is cooler, there’s pumpkin spice everywhere, so you know what that means? Time to break out our favorite horror movies and scare ourselves silly. (Hey, could you leave the light on in the hallway tonight? Why? Um, no reason…)

Special guest Hannah Wallace joins Binary System as we put flashlights under our faces and discuss our favorite horror movies: it was supposed to be one apiece, but that plan went out the window fast as we touched on (*deep breath*) In the Mouth of Madness, Blair Witch Project, The Ring, Event Horizon, Nightmare on Elm Street: The Dream Warriors, What Lies Beneath, and The Descent.

We also talked about a few of the gorier films (Saw, Drag Me to Hell, Silent Night Deadly Night) and why the hell we watched them, and then we finished up with moments from Snap Judgement “Spooked,” The Orbiting Human Circus of the Air (well, the one bit that we actually liked, starts right at 17 minutes), two sentence horror stories, Texts From a Jack O’Lantern, The Black Pumpkin, and a cartoon Hannah remembers that had gargoyles in it. No, not that one, a different one.

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