Sex in Long-Term Religious Relationships with Earthly Parents


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What have you been told sex would feel like for the first time? How do I keep novelty in a committed long-term relationship? What kind of sex life do I want my child to have when they are adults? Earthly parents are the author of the book “And It was very good” one member of Earthly Parents joins me today to explore these questions and address many of the myths that people believe about sex. Hey everyone, This is Braxton Dutson welcome to Birds and Bees Podcast This interview is unique because we will be speaking to individuals who identify themselves with a more orthodox religious belief. While his book is directed toward the Members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. The discussion is relevant to anyone who is planning on being in a committed relationship while participating in religion. As for the last question, “What kind of sex life do I want my child to have when they are adults” We help parents explore this question for themselves as a tool to guide conversations with young adults as they look toward their future relationships. The authors have generously offered their book to The Birds and Bees Podcast listeners for free. All you need to do is email earthlyparents@gmail.comand ask for the book. They’ll email you a copy of the book. I personally have found the book to be a great tool for those who want to address sex in their relationship while being a part of an orthodox religious belief system. Especially if you are a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

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