The 1 Bitcoin Show- BTC Efficient Market Hypothesis, Does anyone own the Satoshi Nakamoto name? MWC, In motion, Q&A!


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Welcome to the 1 Bitcoin Show! A lot of people are angry about the new "Nakamoto" site. The outrage has brought a lot of attention to the site. Should people spend their time worrying about the ways the name Satoshi Nakamoto is used? We are going to have to get used to people using the name for all sorts of projects. Speaking of projects there are two guys who contacted me about Bitcoin related projects they are working on (one actually uses part of Satoshi's name)- in motion! Another MWC crypto-dividend? I will be in Vegas in February! Nic Carter thinks the halving is priced in and uses the Efficient Market Hypothesis to bolsters is claim. MORE! Recorded in Tucson, AZ!

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