The Beyond Bitcoin Show- Episode 89- Public vs private schools, impeachment noise, superficial elections, cars, Russia


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Tucson, AZ- There is a lot to cover that goes way beyond Bitcoin! Scott Adam does not know what crypto people know about John McAfee! Sheila Dixon could become mayor of Baltimore again, the right and the left want to take care of you, the joke that is impeachment and the people who think Pence is President! I talk about my views on Public and Private schools in the USA! A city for the homeless? I like the taste of Goat, more on Tumeric, my hair, Russia hype. RBG is still around- what we can learn from this. Yaron Brook talks about scapegoats, cars- the welfare dollar and the 80% observations. Frank Luntz shares some insider election info on the Ben Shapiro show. Some channels you can learn from, climate change and government offices, MORE!

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