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Bite-size Taiwanese is a brand new podcast giving you a taste of real, everyday Taiwanese. Co-hosts Phil & Alan will guide you through the ins and outs of the Taiwanese language (Southern Min/Hokkien) with light-hearted, friendly (and occasionally funny) conversations on using this language in contemporary Taiwan. We're excited to launch 3 podcasts that will help you whether you’re starting from zero, or wanting to brush up and level-up what you already have: The Newbie level podcast, geared towards newcomers to this language, works great for those just looking to get their feet wet, and will handily equip visitors with basic survival Taiwanese skills. With just a few words, you’re sure to be rewarded with lots of warm, hearty smiles. The Elementary level podcast, geared towards those who already have a little background in the language, expands on useful, commonly heard phrases, and digs a bit deeper into the grammar and culture, so that you’re not always stuck saying the same sentences over and over again. The Pronounce it like a Pro podcast is a 10-episode special series geared toward improving Taiwanese pronunciation, and focuses on common problem areas that many English speakers find tricky. You’ll learn novel ways and tips to get your Taiwanese sounding less like a sick goat, and more like your favorite Tai-Pop rockstar! No matter which level fits your needs better, be sure to subscribe to that podcast feed, so you’ll always have the latest episodes

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