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Featuring a daily episode guide, comment and Steve's 'Big Bang Bee' - aka 'The Science Bee'
Our 'Big Bang Bee' tests you on your knowledge of science, science fiction and all those things that have been or could have been referenced by Big Bang Theory. Take part in our quiz and see for yourself if you have what it takes to beat Big Big Bang's Sheldon Cooper or Star Trek TNG's Mister Data or if the your best hope scholastically is to be ranked alongside somebody with all the hygene of Red Dwarf's Mister Lister and all the charm of Star Wars baddie Jabba the Hutt. Will you graduate with a PHD or flunk like a smeg head? Is your knowledge a piece of junk, is suffering your lot in life or will you be laughing it up because you're a fuzzball?
If you know your Starbugs from your Millenium Falcons and your TARDIS from your DeLorian, you may yet be our only hope...but, a word of warning....fezes, stetsons and bow ties are cool and ..... whatever you do, if you do go back in time, don't interact with your other self as it will cause a paradox. I know what I'm talking about...oh and make sure the Flux Capacitor is fuled by putting organic leftovers into a Mr. Fusion and not nuclear power. The questions in this quiz are so tough you'll need more than regeneration, a transporter or a bolt of lightening to help you. May God, the force and the entire BBC prop department be with you!

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