Bits & Pretzels #12 Johannes Reck: Why Trump's Tweets matter for European Startups


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The co-founder of GetYourGuide about why customer centricity is the key to built a globally successful platform for the travel industry

Today, Johannes Reck, the co-founder of German travel unicorn GetYourGuide, talks about politics, recruiting talent to Berlin and why customer centricity is the single most important principle within GetYourGuide. He also shares what other entrepreneurs can learn from GetYourGuide's way up to the top of the startup world and why specifically money isn't the key to success.

With GetYourGuide Johannes and his co-founder Tao Tao built a globally successful platform that provides travelers experiences. The company sold more than 25 million tickets for trips and raised the whopping sum of half a billion dollars last summer from investors including global players such as Japanese VC firm Softbank.


Britta Weddeling, Editor-in-Chief of Bits & Pretzels


Johannes Reck, co-founder Get Your Guide

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