Bits & Pretzels #4 Florian Gschwandtner: Selling your Company could kill your Brand


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The Runtastic co-founder's top 5 learnings from having his company been acquired by Adidas

Florian Gschwandtner, co-founder and long-time CEO of Runtastic, who sold the fitness-company to Adidas for 220 million Euros in 2015, shares his personal learnings of what founders need to do after their company gets acquired. He talks about how the team kept control after the acquisition ("you need direct board-access") and how he dealt with Adidas decision to remove the name "Runtastic" as part of a larger integration into Adidas' fitness services.

Gschwandtner also shares what he looks for as a startup-investor. He is interested in investing in entrepreneurs with long-term business-ideas and a talent for execution ("if the only motivation is getting rich then that's wrong"). He also emphasizes execution over idea ("70 percent execution, 10 percent idea, 20 percent timing").

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