Bits & Pretzels #6 Bastian Nominacher: "If I want to get something done, I can be a Pain in the Ass"


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How 3 friends turned a college project into a $2.5 billion dollar company

Bastian Nominacher, the co-founder and Co-CEO of Celonis, started his firm with two university friends in Munich, which became one of the rare European unicorns out there.

He talks about how he met his fellow founders, the moment when they founded their startup, how he identified his business model, and how he believes Celonis succeeds in always attracting the top talent in this very tight talent market. And we also hear about his humble beginnings like working in a computer shop…

Hosts: Britta Weddeling, Editor-in-Chief of Bits & Pretzels

Featuring: Bastian Nominacher, co-founder Celonis

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