Bits & Pretzels #8 A Silicon Valley's Spin Master's Guide to Crisis Communication


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Marketing guru Margit Wennmachers, operating partner with VC firm Andreessen Horowitz, about the DOs & Don'ts for Founders

Wired calls her "one of the most talented spin masters in the technology industry". CNN names her "the real queen of Silicon Valley".

Margit Wennmachers has helped many founders to build their brand out of nowhere and helped in reputation management. She is an operating partner at the Silicon Valley based VC firm Andreessen Horowitz, one of the most prestigious investment companies in tech that has backed hundreds of startups, including Facebook, Airbnb, Twitter and Slack.

In this podcast we explore with Margit how founders could model scenarios and set up a crisis process and how a PR disaster could actually help to make your company better.


Britta Weddeling, Editor-in-Chief of Bits & Pretzels


Margit Wennmachers, operating partner at Andreessen Horowitz

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