B&P #38: From co-founding $2.7 billion VC firm Atomico to raising a new seed fund


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Mattias Ljungman about his new VC firm Moonfire Ventures & why Europe is on the verge of a tech investment breakthrough

Would you like to send your pitch deck to the personal email address of Mattias Ljungman, the co-founder of $2.7 billion VC firm Atomico and who just started a new fund with Moonfire Ventures? In this week’s podcast Mattias shares his email address as well as what he is looking for in an investor. The Swedish-born VC is one of the household names in the global investor community, after co-founding the European VC firm Atomico together with Skype founder Niklas Zennström. Mattias has been involved with numerous exits and substantial investments in companies including the Stockholm based banking company Klarna, which has just raised $650 million at a post-money valuation of $10.65 billion – and has worked closely with companies on their global expansion. AND – not that we at Bits & Pretzels didn’t know – but Mattias sees Europe on the verge of a tech investment breakthrough that is likely to continue unfolding even during the pandemic because today more than ever, it doesn’t really matter where you start your company as a founder.

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Mattias Ljungman, founder of Moonfire Ventures, co-founder of Atomico


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