Cars 12 from Feb 26, 2021


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Power Salad - "In My Driverless Car"
Len & Henry Spencer - "Rube Haskin's Ride in the Cyclone Auto (1903)"
Tex Williams - "Ballad of Thunder Road"
Jim & Jessie - "Diesel On My Tail"
Charlie Moore & Bill Napier - "Hot Rod Kids & Women Drivers"
Don Sargent & His Buddies - "Leadfoot"
Mad Magazine - "All I Have Left is Johnny's Hubcap"
The Browns - "Draggin Main Street"
Gene Simmons - "Peroxide Blonde & a Hopped-Up Model Ford"
Eddie Ringo - "Full Racing Cam"
Heywood Banks - "I Don't Buy My Own Tires"
Hanley Johnson - "Wide-Track Tire"
Brownie McGhee - "Auto Mechanic Blues"
Punsters - "My Heart's in Gridlock"
Music behind DJ:
Spike Jones - "Frantic Freeway"
Pinkard & Bowden - "Blue Hairs Driving in My Lane"
Irving Kaufman - "Henry's Made a Lady Out of Lizzie"
Doug Harden - "Dig That Ford"
Chubby Checker - "Toot"
Troggs - "Jaguar & Thunderbird"
Cowslingers - "Rick Wilson's GTO"
Four Imperials - "Santa's Got A Coupe Deville"
Don Churchill & Texas Mavericks - "Cadillac Blues"
Bill Brandt - "Pink Cadillac"
Two Petes - "57 Chevrolet"
Greg Brown - "Brand New '64 Dodge"
1965 Corvair - "This Baby's Got Style!"
Kings of Leon - "Camaro"
Junior Brown & Beach Boys - "409"
Music behind DJ:
Butch Ross - "Sweet Spotted Pony"
Pete Townshend - "Goin Mobile (Lifehouse)"
John Prine - "Automobile"
Paul Evans - "Seven Lirttle Girls"

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