Hippies 2 from Mar 19, 2021


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Joe & Harmony - "Save the Hippie"
Ari Lesser - "Hippie Dance"
Ethan Lipton - "Hippie Song"
Big Bang Boom - "Hippie Mom"
Victor Lundberg - "To the Flower Power"
Harry H Corbett & Unidentified Flower Objects - "Flower Power Fred"
Sheb Wooley - "Love-In"
Barry Mann - "Young Electric Psychedelic Hippie"
Moe Averick - "Middle-Age Hippie Blues"
Hollywood Argyles - "Long Hair, Unsquare Dude Called Jack"
Lester Flatt - "I Can't Tell the Boys From the Girls"
Sanctified Glory Mtn Revival Family Band - "Your Hair's Too Long"
Rucka Rucka Ali - "Hippie Song"
Music behind DJ:
Lowney's Chocolates - "By-Cracky Beat"
Jack Webb & Harry Morgan - "Dragnet Speak"
Red River Dave - "California Hippie Murders"
Alvie Self - "Hippieville"
Guy Drake - "Marching Hippies"
Joe Richie - "How Do You Get Rid of a Hippie"
Marcia Strassman - "Flower Children"
Spinal Tap - "Listen to the Flower People"
Earth Screams Uncle - "Hippie Dance"
Wild Bill Cooksy - "Mississippi Hippie"
Chesley Carroll - "Hippie from Mississippi"
Homer & Jethro - "Hillbilly Hippie"
Homer & Jethro - "Santa Claus, The Original Hippie"
Don Sneed - "Santa Claus is a Hippie"
Ian Kelleher - "Happy Hippie Song"
Music behind DJ:
Funky Morons - "Have a Happy Day"
Tim O'Brien - "Dance, You Hippie, Dance"
Pat Ramsey - "Hippie Song" https://www.wfmu.org/playlists/shows/102199

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