Nonsense 7 from Apr 23, 2021


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Blind Blake - "Diddie Wah Diddie"
Robyn Hitchcock - "Yip Song"
Kenneth Williams - "Ballad of the Woggler's Moulie"
Norris the Troubador - "Bote In Bin"
David & Jonathan - "Gilly Gilly Ossenfeffer Katzanellen Bogan by the Sea"
the Deep - "Your Choice to Choose"
Dr Botnik's House Call Band - "Whatever We Health"
Bad Manners - "Ne Ne Na Na Na Nan Nu Nu"
Mel Blanc - "Looney Tune"
Tom Waits - "Chick A Boom"
Бульба Артём Сорока - "Potato Acapulco"
Black Lace - "Agadoo"
Mr Poopsy - "Whoopsy Poopsy"
Crispin Glover - "Clowny Clown Clown"
Cacique & His Tribe - "Spooky Doo"
Music behind DJ:
George Garabedian Players - "Georgie Girl"
Paul Simon - "Simple Desultory Phillipic [demo]"
Weird Al - "Bob"
Power Salad - "Chacarron Macarron"
Race Marbles - "Like a Dribbling Fram"
Guinny Pepper - "Lick the Chalice"
Claude McLin - "Jambo"
Macy Skipper - "Goofin Off"
Don & Dewey - "Bim Bam"
Dizzy Dillespi - "In the Land of Oo-Bla-Dee"
the Gamma Goochie Himself - "Gamma Goochie"
Tom & Jerrio - "Great Googa Mooga"
Penguins - "Ookey Ook"
Falcons - "Du-Bi-A-Do"
Savoys - "Yacka Boom Boom"
Music behind DJ:
George Garabedian Players - "Spanish Nose"
Mij - "Grok (Martian Love Call)"

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