Radio 4 from Mar 26, 2021


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Slade - "Radio, Wall of Soud"
Bill Nelson - "Golden Days of Radio"
Connie Smith - "Tiny Blue Transistor Radio"
Benny Hill - "Transistor Radio"
Hoosier Hot Shots - "Since Our Henhouse Has a Radio"
Elvis Costello - "Radio Radio (Capital Radio Version)"
Marshall Crenshaw - "Radio Girl"
Cheap Trick - "On the Radio"
Wurzels - "Rock DJ"
Hackamore Brick - "Radio"
Beach Boys - "That's Why God Made Radio"
Music behind DJ:
Who - "Sodding About"
Ramones - "Do You Remember Rock and Roll Radio?"
Ren & Stmpy - "I Wanna Be a DJ"
Hank Harrel - "DJ Blues"
Power Salad - "Classic Rock Cutoff Date"
Chris Witting - "WOWO Staff Meeting"
Bobby Roberts - "Russian Bandstand"
R Stevie Moore - "Pledge Your Money"
Bessie Griffin - "Heaven's Radio"
Power Salad - "Voices in Your Head (Have Started a Podcast)"
Alex Bevan - "Buzzard Song"
Fishbone - "Modern Industry"
Music behind DJ:
Beatles - "Flying"
Power Salad - "Gas Station DJ"
Flotsam & Jetsam - "Little Betty Bouncer"
Android Sisters - "Ray-Dee-Oh"

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