Song Songs 2 from Apr 16, 2021


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Lucia Pamela - "I've Got a Song"
Leslie Sarony - "It Goes Like This That Funny Melody"
Ly Dells - "Book of Songs"
Power Salad - "Finish This Song"
Goodies - "I Wish I Had Something to Say"
Don Bowman - "That'll Never Sell Records"
Butch Ross - "I Like Singing Folk Songs"
Paul McCarthrob & Wangs [HeeBee GeeBees] - "Simple Song"
Android Sisters - "Dumb is Fun"
Morris Minor & Majors - "This is the Chorus"
Mike Phirman - "Clear the Floor"
Guy Clark - "Sing a Song"
Music behind DJ:
Earth, Wind & Fire - "Singasong"
Simpsons [Julie Kavner] - "Springfield Soul Stew"
Traffic - "You Can All Join In"
Steve Brust - "I Was Born About Ten Million Songs Ago"
Merritt Herring - "Talking Protest Blues"
Pale Face - "Burn & Rob"
Andy Breckman - "Cheese Stands Alone"
Fankie Goes to the Bank [HeeBee GeeBees] - "When Two Songs Sound the Same"
Four Postmen - "Shitty Pop Song"
Trace Adkins - "Songs About Me"
Kenneth Williams - "All Together"
Woodbine Lizzy - "They Don't Write Em Like That Anymore"
Pete Towshend - "Song is Over [demo]"
Music behind DJ:
John Mayall & Bluesbreakers - "Steppin Out"
Allan Sherman & Boston Pos - "End of a Symphony"

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