Trucks 3 from Mar 12, 2021


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Amos Raber Jr - "Truckin Song"
Pure Grain - "Truckin Song"
Gary Allen - "Highway Junkie"
Bobby Braddock - "Gear-Bustin Sort of Feller"
Junior Brown - "Semi Crazy"
Kitty Wells - "My Big Truck Drivin Man"
Lee Ann Womack - "I Love a Man with 18 Wheels"
Chris Sprague - "Diesel Made for Two"
Johnny Cash - "All I Do is Drive"
Del Reeves - "Trucker's Paradise"
Ray Stevens - "Ethelene the Truck Stop Queen"
Bobby Bare - "The Jogger"
Stompin Tom Connors - "Bud the Spud"
Music behind DJ:
Stu Phillips & Orch - "Tropical Summer"
Them Fargo Brothers - "Ain't No UFO Gonna Catch My Diesel"
Willis Brothers - "Alcohol & Number 2 Diesel"
Dave Dudley & Charlie Douglas - "Where's the Truck"
C W McCall - "Four-Wheel Drive"
Jimmy Simpson - "Alcan Run"
Ladislav Vodička - "There Ain't No Easy Run"
Willis Brothers - "Diesel Smoke on Danger Road"
Jay's Booming Hat - "Big Ass Diesel"
Heywood Banks - "Eighten Wheels on a Big Rig"
Dick Curless - "Drag em Off the Interstate, Sock it to em J P Blues"
Tim Wilson - "Peterbuilt Prison"
Cledis Maggard & Citizen's Band - "Kentucky Moonrunner"
Anonymous - "Lucky Strike"
Music behind DJ:
Carl Stevens - "Call of the Jungle"
Credibilty Gap - "Hello World, This Here's Wrong Number"
Firesign Theatre - "Whazz Reeeal!"

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