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The #Biz4GoodShow Podcast Episode 49: New Year Eve celebration 2018

Live! on Facebook & YouTube December 31, 2017 www.Biz4GoodShow.com

Oh this is so cool…hear the behind the scenes stuff at the top of the show.

What Fun!!!! We got this (haha!) Happy New Year! 2018 J


Roll that slick intro? Hehe…everybody claps. Peanut Gallery & loud music in the background with The 88’s & Retrospect. Rockin!

Welcome to Episode 49:

Loud Crowd – Live studio audience.

The amazingest of the amazingest guests tonight. & a few others in just a second.

Go Ryan. Yeah…..

We got bands! And, wonderful live music in the background.

Bobby said this is the inaugural New Years Eve celebration.

Haha! Sky our producer is here tonight. Yay!

Look at something….the audio was synced to the video later. Right?

We want a live studio audience every show. Wow!

Ryan says, we’re wrapping up our first year. And, we have our wives here.

They are the wind beneath our wings. –Bobby

They are the ones that put up with us. – Ryan

Bobby tells the story of how the Biz4GoodShow got its start. First 2 episodes were produced with their phones. Now they have a whole studio with all kinds of fun toys…er, uh tools.

And now Ryan notices how patient the guests are. Bobby agrees it’s a good idea for them each to introduce their own wife. Ryan first:

Linda Pilkington from Idaho and Salt Lake. Ryan’s wife. Linda adds, “14 years of marriage”. Lots of laughing! Lots of fun!

Ryan says she is an amazing lady and he’s so glad she is here. She does everything. Made some amazing dips for the party. We hear the band jamming.

Bobby is proud to report he hasn’t gotten completely stuffed (yet) on all the goodies. And, asks Monique if she is proud of him.

He then introduces Monique Dawn James … the most powerful woman he knows, most spiritual woman (I can attest to that), and definitely the wind beneath Bobby’s wings. Put up with Bobby for 21 years. Wow! How’d you do that?

She says, “Every time”. “That’s True”.

Sky points out that James Thompson is in the shot right behind Monique. He will be on the #Biz4GoodShow on January 11th. At this time they also pointed out the live music was being provided by The 88’s & Retrospect.

Bobby continues with the interview:

What has this year been like for our wives? Like what kind of impact has the Biz4GoodShow had on their lives this year….

Linda, not Brenda.

She just loves the vibe of the show and the good things that come from it. Just a lot of great things happening. Fun things to watch. A little crazy with sharing just one car. The day of the podcast, Ryan has to get up really early to take her to work. Such Sacrifice!

“Take me to work” – Bobby…no diff song

It’s been great. Love watching it grow, and seeing Ryan do more as an announcer.

Bobby appreciates that she really cares, gives input, and critiques the show.

Monique says, it hasn’t been that much different. She doesn’t know what to say. Cuz it’s completely crazy all the time!

The show’s been good. She listens and thinks it’s awesome.

Linda says her 2 favorite episodes were the Chuck Norris show.

Ryan was depressed for a week after it. He felt embarrassed, because of the “fan question”.

And the Wing Challenges. It’s Hot…..Bobby’s texas card got revoked. That was hot lava, not hot food.

Ryan suggested it. Maybe he could do Hot Sushi.

Milk Shakes?

One more wing…we don’t wanna talk about what might have happened.

Monique thinks it would have worked for him. You would have to listen to get the whole point. It was for a good cause. And, Shaunee ended up winning!

Cassie Swirls was such a neat guest. We see a shot of the Wall of Fame, where every guest has autographed the wall. Check out the studio on the FB live and You tube video pages.

Thank you ladies, for being supportive and putting up with our goofiness.

She wanted to know if you has a choice? Bobby says “Of Course”. Bobby compliments her earrings.

Thank you again for being our guests! Love You Ladies <3

Now, in the audience, we ask what does Biz4Good mean to Janell?

Michelle coming up next….

Changing places. Ryan introduces, his dear friend. They adopted Janell Wright.

She is always right. Never wrong.

Welcome. (sorry if I got yur name spelled wrong).

July of ’08 she moved here from Denver. She came over to Ryan and Linda’s when they were cooking out. She’s our neighbor and now our very dear friend. Moved away, but still besties!

Thanks for being on the show, Janell. She’s having fun dancing. Said her stepdad taught her how to dance. She used to go square dancing, a long time ago.

Why does she think it’s good to do good in the world?

She thinks it’s good. And, is glad she got to come and be with you guys!

Yay, Janell J

UhOh! Sky discovered the audio issue. No audio. According to our loyal viewers in the live audience.

So this will be fixed in post-production. I can sure hear it now, and that band is jamming!!!!

Great quote from Linda: Computers are like people. Some you can’t live with and some you can’t live without.

Our next guest(s) is the new Biz4GoodShow Public Relations Manager: Michelle Smith

Super good friend with MoMo. Happy, will talk to anyone. You dare her. She’ll do it. She is going to spice things up and go talk to some people who would be good for the show.

The story: Too long to tell. You get phone calls from foreign countries, and she got a huge friendship with a guy from India. She got his real name and everything. Sinbad. He’d call and they’d talk. He was excited about coming to America. He wanted an American woman, because he thought they all looked like Angelina Jolee.

Welcome to the Show, and being a part of the show. Going around and helping to be a sound of reason. Someone to help reign them in. However, she may be coming along for the ride….

Thanks Everyone for sticking with us this first season of the Biz4GoodShow. So many thousands of downloads from all over the world. Hundreds in Japan, but we still can’t seem to get a listener in New Mexico. – Bobby

Ryan says, we are looking forward to Season 2.




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