A Very Special BizzleCast: “May 1st, 2020"


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I hereby submit to all of you beautiful people: The Bizzle's E-P-I-C Black Widow & ScarJo tribute, retrospective, and celebration. Nuff said, this one is straight from the heart and I have plenty of thoughts and plenty of feels. More from The Bizzle: Podcast: www.bizzlecast.com Facebook: facebook.com/bizzlecast YouTube: youtube.com/slipkid7 *AVENGERS MUSIC BY THE LEGENDARY ALAN SILVESTRI* *PERFORMED BY THE SNAKE CHARMER SUPPORT HER AWESOMENESS ON PATREON* *THANKS TO DODGER, ALISON HAISLIP, ALEX ALBRECHT, and SAM “STRIPPIN” FOR THEIR BIZZLE-ING* ALL RIGHTS RESERVED by The BizzleCast (Jesse F. Brenner) (2019)

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