The Awkward Controllers: Big Brother controlling Loot Boxes?? Plus Dauntless! Feat. El_Fedorable


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AGENDA: 0:00 Intro and PC modding 10:30 CALL OF DUTY: Past, Present, and Future 35:00 DAUNTLESS is an awesome Monster Hunter game! 1:04:00 Loot boxes and politicians: Good idea? Bad idea? 1:25:00 Marvel domination! Game Of Thrones overrated?? Pop culture goodness. Check out Ethan’s stream at: Twitch: More from The Bizzle: YouTube: Podcast: Twitter: @thebizzle81 Facebook: Twitch: *MUSIC BY ZEDD AND NINTENDO* *THANKS TO DODGER, ALISON HAISLIP, ALEX ALBRECHT, and SAM “STRIPPIN” FOR THEIR BIZZLE-ING* ALL RIGHTS RESERVED by The BizzleCast (Jesse F. Brenner) (C) (2019)

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