The Bizzle’s Daily Rebels “Twin Suns” & GAME OF THRONES Bonus Discussion feat. Simi Climo!


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STAR WARS and GAME OF THRONES on the same podcast?!? You’re welcome Bizzlers!!! First: STAR WARS REBELS Season 3, Episode 19 “Twin Suns” Second: GAME OF THRONES talk starts at around 45 minutes! So here’s the deal: Simi Climo and I were ALL prepped to do the commentaries for the final three episodes of Season 3 of STAR WARS REBELS which include this spectacular episode “Twin Suns” with Obi-Wan and Darth Maul in their final battle as well as the two part “Zero Hour” finale. And we DID do it. HOWEVER - we deeply wanted to talk about GAME OF THRONES and despite our best efforts, after a great “Twin Suns” commentary we went for a good 20-25 minutes dissecting the final season and episode of GAME OF THRONES. So, I made an Executive Bizzle Decision and am releasing just this “Twin Suns” commentary WITH our fantastic GAME OF THRONES discussion, and in a few days will release our “ZERO HOUR PARTS 1 & 2” commentaries together. SOOOOOO…. We really hope you love this duel purpose podcast as much as we enjoyed doing it — not to mention their are quite a few GAME OF THRONES comparisons to this very dark, very bizarre episode of STAR WARS REBELS — and then check out our Season 3 finale podcasts in a few short days. SUMMER IS COMING, both for the Rebellion and the remaining GAME OF THRONES good guys, and we had a blast with this. Hope you do too! More from The Bizzle: Podcast: Facebook: Twitter: @thebizzle81 Twitch: *MUSIC BY THE LEGENDARY JOHN WILLIAMS* *THANKS TO DODGER, ALISON HAISLIP, ALEX ALBRECHT, and SAM “STRIPPIN” FOR THEIR BIZZLE-ING* ALL RIGHTS RESERVED by The BizzleCast (Jesse F. Brenner) (C) (2019)

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