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There is a story circulating about a man who spends $2 Million a year to keep his body as young as possible. A stray bullet hit a woman in a Zumba class. She will be ok. There was very loud fart on The View yesterday and were trying to guess who did it. Gisele has been saying she wasn't hooking up with her Jujitsu trainer. They were spotted riding horses together in Costa Rica. BJ and Jamie think they are for sure hooking up if they are riding horses together! A medical pilot was arrested earlier this month for DUI while he was on his way to work. The internet is mad at Luke Bryan for what he said while introducing another singer. There are a couple stories in the news this morning that have BJ really riled up. There is a video circulating of a robot that can melt down to liquid and move through a cage before reforming itself back into a solid. Is it real? Our office building is having a debate this morning. Do you flip people off or flick people off? There is a giant asteroid coming that is going to pass extremely close to the Earth. BJ wants to start being pen pals with some women in prison.

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