The truth behind sports drinks. Episode #345


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Did you know that a regular bottle of Gatorade contains 34g of sugar? That’s over 8 teaspoons of sugar! The WHO recommends that <10% of our daily energy should come from free sugars. For an adult consuming 2000 calories daily, this equates to a recommended limit of roughly 50 grams, or 12 teaspoons. On this week’s episode, Dr. Deborah Cohen (@deb_cohen) joins BJSM’s Daniel Friedman(@ddfriedman) to reveal the shocking truth behind sports drinks and the industry’s ties to sporting organisations, academia and schools. Deborah is an award winning television, print and radio reporter and academic journal editor. After training as a doctor in the UK and France, she became an editor of The BMJ working on both academics and journalistic sections. Deborah became the first investigations editor of The BMJ and has reported and co-produced documentaries for BBC Panorama and Newsnight, Channel 4 News and Dispatches, The Telegraph, as well has having worked with the Cochrane Collaboration. In this 20 minute conversation, Deborah discusses: the history of sports drinks the science of hydration industry’s enlistment of academics industry’s infiltration of schools hydration guidelines You can read Deborah's latest BBC investigative piece here: Further reading: Cohen, Deborah. "The truth about sports drinks." Bmj 345 (2012): e4737. Robert Cade: Scientist who invented Gatorade, the world’s first and biggest-selling sports drink. Times 2007 Nov 29. Kays, Joe, and Arline Phillips-Han. "Gatorade: The idea that launched an industry." Explore: Research at the University of Florida 8.1 (2003). Noakes, Timothy David. "Is drinking to thirst optimum?." Annals of Nutrition and Metabolism 57.Suppl. 2 (2010): 9-17. Cordrey, Kyla, et al. "Adolescent Consumption of Sports Drinks." Pediatrics (2018): e20172784.

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