Episode 39: Frienemies & Haters!


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Heyyy Bougie Babes!!! Listen...this episode set the microphones on fire! Both the Broads & Kev really dug deep to relay their sentiments on friends that turned to enemies! How does one discern from a true friend versus an enemy?? Well bring your hindparts in the Bougie Den to find out how to scope out these miserable a$$ people. The depths in which they described the haters in their lives from family members, old friends and so-called friends is undeniable! Chile they snatcheddddd a few wigs with this one. If you ever screwed over Kev, Johnise or Erica...they may be talking about your hatin' a$$! Grab your buttered Krispy Kreme popcorn (you can buy this in North Carolina), your thinning edges and extra skrong boxed wines because baby, you will need it!!

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