Episode 40: Fake Body-Ody!


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Bougie Babes!!! Soooo we saw our good sis K Michelle with a grand-spanking new face and we had to divulge!! Ever wanted a new nose, jawline or even the coveted booty augmentation? Well step into the Bougie Den as we address self love and reflection in a world of plastic surgeries with one of our fans and Bougie box finalists, Chrissy Belton. This episode was recorded live so head over to our YouTube page to see the Babes and Chrissy communicating live with our audience on Facebook & YouTube. We had the nerve to address the magic of makeup....which we LOVE!!! Hell, even Johnise is a consultant for Thee Mary Kay so you know we got knee deep on this topic. Also is there a thing as too much booty?? These Brazilian Butt Lifts are getting out of hand!!! Sheezus!! So baby grab your Bum Lift Lotion, your thinning edges and Botox injections because BAYBAY you will need it!

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