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Black On Both Sides Episode #129

Both Kanye's and Drake's albums have been released. I am assuming you have had time to get through them. I didn't. actually. I listened to Donda, but CLB only got half a listen. Which album is AOY? Or do either of them qualify? We all know K.Dot is gearing up for a release. Do either of them stand a chance?

Kunta finally comes to the realization that the legend of Aaliyah is mostly just a legend. I do not say that lightly, but I do say it in jest. You would have to be a member of the old Slack room to fully understand. We battled more than once about how important her voice was to R&B. Either way, he revisited some of the recently re-released albums and has a new take.

Neon Deion is bringing attention to HBCUs by being head coach of Jackson State. We look forward to seeing his rise as a coach. If nothing else, we appreciate his commitment to attempting to put HBCU sports on the map.

Black Lives Matter is a distant echo in the halls of last summer. Finally some form of justice begins for a couple of the victims of brutality on black people.

Abortion after 6 weeks is no longer a thing in the state of Texas. This includes rape victims. We actually agree on how awful this one is. However, there is a caveat. And we need to get granular.

42 Days Of Choice #BOBS129

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