Strauss Khan Case- Racialized/Sexualized Violence The Issue


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The sexual exploitation of Black women by white men in America had its roots in slavery, continued throughout the better part of the twentieth century and the DSK case demonstrates, still occurs today. Sexual violence against Black women continues to be rewritten as consensual, as deserving, as excusable and as justified because of racist and sexist notions and stereotypes based on centuries-old myths that frame Black women as “unable to be raped”, “sexually promiscuous”, or “hypersexual.” These stereotypes have haunted our communities since the first ships arrived on the shores of Africa. It’s important that we not be distracted. Her alleged lying on her asylum application, tax forms, and income is not the issue. Historically sanctioned racialized and sexualized violence is the issue. Please join Black Women’s Blueprint on Blog Talk Radio, Thursday July 21, 2011 at 630pm as we attempt to refocus the conversation to the root issue of the DSK case: the continuing legacy of historically sanctioned racialized and sexualized violence reminiscent of Antebellum South. We will challenge the myth of the perfect victim and unearth the many ways the standard of the perfect victim especially as it relates to Black women serves to sustain the status quo and preclude justice. Finally, this conversation would not be complete without a candid conversation of the many ways power is manifesting in this case. Yielding transnational power, DSK is the true embodiment of white patriarchal privilege rooted in colonialist domination. This reality has been absent from the public discourse although it is the crux of this issue.

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