E30_The New Version of the Old You


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Many of us use spring as a symbol that it's time to go through our closets and take an inventory of what's inside. We allow (and sometimes force) ourselves to get rid of pants that no longer fit, throw away the tattered socks and underwear that frankly should have been tossed last spring and we consciously decide what we will keep and continue to wear for the rest of the year. In applying this idea to life, we find that there are certain labels (i.e. "the party girl", "the bad boy", "the one who's always late", etc.) and personal tendencies (i.e. never letting people in, expecting the worst, not giving our best effort, etc.) that no longer describe us. And if they do, they are traits that we no longer want to be associated with. Ultimately, the point of spring cleaning is to give ourselves a fresh start. Let's take our cue from nature and let this be the time where we take stock of who we are and what we're currently doing to see if that still "fits"...

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