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BlackFacts.com presents the black fact of the day for April 19.

Max Robinson became the 1st African-American journalist to anchor a nightly network newscast.

Robinson’s first journalism job began and ended in 1959, when he was hired to read news at a Portsmouth, Va., television station.

In 1978, when Roone Arledge was looking to revamp ABC News' nightly news broadcast into World News Tonight, he remembered Robinson from a 60 Minutes interview and hired him to be a part of his new three-anchor format.

Robinson's ABC tenure was marked by conflicts between himself and the management of ABC News over viewpoints and the portrayal of Black America in the news.

In addition, Robinson was known to fight racism at any turn and often felt unworthy of the admiration he received and was not pleased with what he had accomplished.

Together with Bob Strickland, Robinson established a program for mentoring young black broadcast journalists.

During his career, he received many awards, including the Capital Press Club Journalist of the year award, and the Ohio State Award, as well as an award from the National Education Association (NEA).

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