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BlackFacts.com presents the black fact of the day for April 22.

Bob Marley One Love Concert.

It was a large concert held at The National Stadium in Kingston, Jamaica, and was held during a political civil war between opposing parties Jamaican Labour Party and the People's National Party.

With tensions rising, both parties hired local gang members for protection. Ironically, it was the gang members who came up with idea of the One Love Concert. They wanted the fighting to stop.

It brought together 16 of Reggae's biggest acts, and was dubbed by the media as the "Third World Woodstock", "Bob Marley plays for Peace" and simply, "Bob Marley Is Back."

Peter Tosh took the opportunity during his performance to berate the two political leaders sitting directly in front of him for their positions against legalizing marijuana.

The concert came to its peak during Bob Marley & The Wailers' performance of "Jammin'", when Marley joined the hands of political rivals Michael Manley and Edward Seaga.

It was not until May 1981 that Prime Minister Edward Seaga and Michael Manley met again in public and shook hands.

It was at the Jamaican State Funeral for Bob Marley.

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