May 6 - Black History Minute


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President Eisenhower signed civil rights act.

(On September 4, 1957, nine African American students were due to enter the school, a previously all-white institution. These students were blocked by 270 National Guard troops who had been ordered there by State Governor, Orval Faubus. )

(Media filmed the students being turned away and being verbally abused by students and adults of Little Rock. Shocked by these images which had been aired across the nation, President Eisenhower issued 10,000 paratroopers to escort the black students into their new school.)

The significance of the Civil Rights Act of 1960 was that it acknowledged there was an issue with racial discrimination within the United States.

It established Federal inspection of local voter registration polls by appointed referees to oversee southern elections and ensure that African Americans were permitted to vote.

Penalties for anyone who obstructed someone’s attempt to register to vote or vote.

It extended the life of the Civil Rights Commission which was previously limited to two years. The Commission would oversee voter registration and practices.

Prosecution for interfering with court orders regarding school desegregation.

The Civil Rights Act of 1964 addressed desegregation in schools, discrimination in the workplace and public facilities.

(Although this Act failed to enforce the law it showed the federal government’s commitment to work with civil rights organizations to end discrimination and segregation.)

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