Episode 55 - The Blap Or Crap Episode #2


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This week we decided to do an entire episode of only BLAP OR CRAP (for the 2nd time)! If you've been living under a rock, you're probably wondering.. What is "Blap Or Crap"?? Well, it's a segment in our podcast where we listen to random beat submissions found on www.beatthread.com and if we like the beat, we give it a "BLAP" rating. If we don't like it, we give it a "CRAP" rating. We also give a bit of constructive criticism (mostly destructive involving fart noises and toilet flushes lol). Enjoy this BLAP-filled episode, and if you're interested in submitting your beat to our "Blap Or Crap" segment (which we do at the end of every episode by the way) UPLOAD your beats on www.beatthread.com (sign up is FREE) and hashtag #blaporcrap when you upload. It's that simple.

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