Episode 81 - Working With Songwriters (with Father Dude)


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What's the difference between working with a rapper and a singer? If I'm a music producer or an audio engineer, do I know the difference between the two? Chances are, you don't. Both worlds are completely different in their own way. If you've only worked with rappers in the studio, you've got a lot to learn when it comes to working with singers/songwriters. Some say working with rappers is easy because it's just verses and adlibs. With singers, you're stacking harmonies, coming up with melodies and lyrics, concepts, etc. How different or how similar are the two? What are some things we should keep in mind to play our roles in the studio as music producers and engineers? We brought in our good friend, singer/songwriter/producer FATHER DUDE to talk about the dynamics amongst singer, songwriter and producer. Also, our "BLAP OR CRAP" segment is back. You don't want to miss this one!

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