Episode 93 - The TYPE BEATS Discussion With Papamitrou Boi (aka Nick Papz)


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On this episode, we have special guest PAPAMITROU BOI aka NICK PAPZ joining us to discuss the definition of type beats (00:10:50), if it's possible to transition from a type beat producer to a successful, household name (00:20:15), both positive and negative "Scarlett Letters" that type beat producers carry (00:29:36), what drove Nick to get started in music (00:38:12), how he found success making type beats (00:39:47), his transition from type beats to working with MEEK MILL (00:41:57), Nick's advice on how young producers should prepare for a first time session with a superstar artist (00:50:00), some of Nick's favorite VST's, plugins and how he likes to start a beat (00:53:38), what's next for Nick (00:59:40) and he joins us for our Blap Or Crap segment (01:05:05) + so much more with Illmind, Atlas, Perfection.

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