Episode 95 - What I Would Do If I Just Started Making Beats


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On this episode, we talk about the journey through the industry and finding a passion for the hustle (00:04:50), future Pass the Aux events (00:8:00), ATLAS is our other host today, he fills us in on Cruz's "Respect the Engineer" workshops (00:13:40), "if you're a creator you should think about what you can do to nurture and provide your fans (00:29:53),"the long term route is the shortcut"(00:35:12), !ll explains "points" on an album and how they pertain to producers (00:48:14) Are you the 5% that apply themselves?(01:00:00), Blap or Crap segment (01:31:08) + so much more with !llmind and ATLAS.

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