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NOTE: There is a long section of silence at the end of this episode that we did not have time to eliminate and re-upload, so, just FYI. Carry on!


We are all a bit crazy here in Soap Town, from Callum’s bizarre, left field sexuality expression, to Harriet’s Stockholm Syndrome on Emmerdale, to Ken’s documentary obsession on Coronation Street, to the actual certifiable crazy of Ryan Chamberlain on General Hospital, minus one kidney.

Join us as the inmates run the asylum on The Soapy Madams Podcast!

We did an episode of Varmints on llamas and alpacas you can find here: Llamas and Alpacas – Varmints – 95,

and we joined Paul Hawkins for an episode of BlokeBuster’s to discuss the movie Soap Dish! Find that here: Ep 110: Soapdish or: Wow, What A Cast!!

Our intro music is by Jahzzar, our bed music is by Kevin MacLeod and Bird Creek. They are all wonderful so go check them out!

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