Yaks – Varmints! – 113


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Paul and Donna are yakkin’ about yaks on this week’s episode! By the end of this episode you’re going to be a real brainy-yak!

But first, the news!

The latest trend in winter clothing is yak wool base layers from Kora! Courtesy of treehugger.com.


These two are keeping warm and feeling spectyakular!

ba dum tiss

When they aren’t taking care of the yaklets, yak moms get really, really high. Article courtesy of phys.org


If you want to live in the Himalayas you better be able to yak it.

ba dum tiss

How do yaks not pass out in low oxygen environments? They got rid of one adaptation and traded it for bigger, better lungs, blood vessels and heart! Article courtesy of fao.org

You or I would risk having cardi-yak arrest at those altitudes!

ba dum tiss

Yakety Yak! Courtesy of YouTube user The Coasters – Topic

Don’t talk back

The delightfully weird short-lived Nickelodeon cartoon “Yakkity Yak”! Why is this not still around?! Courtesy of YouTube user retromanstv

News flash: Mount Everest is dirty and gross and full of poopgarbage. Yaks are helping clean it up. Article courtesy of nytimes.com.

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