Tech Abilities: Anticipation 6-6, Weather App Alerts, Facebook/Twitter Accessibility, Apple’s 22 Min-Pay, SOS setup, Clipboard list, Audio Description and More Tech Tidbits and News from a Blindness Perspective


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Two is company as Callie takes a break from the Blind Abilities Studio this week and Serina and Jeff pick up the tech tidbits and news. From accessibility to losing sight, they dash through the latest and bring a perspective of experience and usability.

Join the 2 out of 3 ain’t bad crew and check out the list of topics listed below. But, believe us, there is a lot between the lines!

List of topics from the episode:

Home pod mini update

Precipitation alerts on the weather app

How to block text on iPhone in a few taps.

Apple employees get surprise pay raise as union pressure grows

iPhone SOS, here is how to set it up.

FCC fines Twitter 150 million for deceptive ad targeting

Way Map app guides the VIP through the Washington subway systems.

We own the City with audio description

Clipboard and saving the clips in a list using JAWS

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