Tech Abilities: Do You Need a Hero App? Facebook and Ray-Ban Smart Glasses or Not? Apple’s California Dreaming, Direct Touch Typing, Use Factors for the iPad Mini and Tech Tidbits and News from a Blindness Perspective.


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The Tech Ability Team is in full force and we begin to show how we differentiate when it comes to styles, use factors and preferences. From buying out-right or on the trade up program, to Direct Touch Typing and using the Apple Watch, we all stand by our own way and we do get it that what works for you, works for you.

Raqi talks about her Ipad Mini purchase and her use factor, Serina dives deep into Direct Touch Typing, and the entire team gets up front and personal about the Apple event, California Dreaming. We do as we do and sometimes, not as we say. (Jeff snickers as Serina crosses her arms and looks away.)

What the heck is this Hero App from Ayes? Do we need a Hero? And how about Facebook and Ray Ban launching 20 styles of smart glasses? Or, are they really all that smart?

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