That Blind Tech Show: Amazon Wants It, Hulu Ain’t Got It, Apple’s Got It but Won’t Tell Us John Legend Sings It, The Fold Folds It, Aira is Telling It and Tag! Marlon’s It!


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Welcome back to That Blind Tech Show with Brian Fischler, AT Specialist from New York, Allison Mervis, VR Counselor extraordinaire, from Ohio and Jeff Thompson, Wood Worker, Teacher and Just an all around good guy.

I also write the show notes and Jeff is me, so, no bias here.

This show is faster than spelled water, funnier than squeaky shoes and audio described for your listening pleasure. There is nothing quite like Described Audio!

Did you know, Amazon wants to have an Assistive competitor to Siri, Alexa and John Legend. Yes, John Legend, the new voice on your Google devices. Or, your neighbors Google device. Jeff’s got the Legend rocking on his Google devices.

What about Apple and the Apple Events settings? Listen in because basically, they are and will be all knowing. Big Brother was soooo 2010, HAL.

Can we call Voice Dream Scanner, VD Scanner? Let us know. Hulu, is starting a bit of some Audio Description and they don’t even know if they are really doing it either. Everybody's still looking for it. Look out Pokémon Go!

There is a lot more on this show than I can write about otherwise, I would just write articles about a fictitious podcast and we would be in book clubs and having coffee chats over lunch and believe me, that just may be an idea for next episode. Your thoughts? Hmmm.

Ok, get listening, hit the Play button, download the show and let us know what you think. And by the way, Marlon is back in full colors, and yes, his braille labels prove it. Thanks Marlon for the laughs and that stuff you keep sending us in the mail. You keep that up and we will keep you in the show,, Buddy Boy, Pal, Dude. I meant, email, not the U.S. Mail, Email Baby.

Fine. I am out.


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