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This episode is an accountability episode where I will share what I want to accomplish in my 30th year and as I accomplish each one, I will add onto this episode and add all of the bonus episodes affiliated with each goal, within this master list.

I thought in great detail about what I wanted my 30th year to be. I ended on the theme and key phrase of Seeking Discomfort.

If you’ve ever heard of a group of guys called Yes Theory, they are an incredible YouTube channel where they challenge the way life should be spent. Within reason of course, the idea is to say yes to life’s most challenging adventures.

I’ll drop a comment in the show notes to get an idea of their videos, but let’s continue to expand on this two words.

Seeking Discomfort allows you to get out of mediocrity and to pursue a life of love. Most people I know are winding down. They have either hit their peak or have been declining for the past few years. But what I like to think my life is always trending upward. It’s always moving up even if at times things plateau.

This year is going to be all about pushing my spirit, my mind, and my body to the absolute limit. Here are a few things that I’d like to accomplish in my 30th year on Earth.

Goals January: Find that eating regime that works for me February: Try to set up meetings with 30 of the most influential people on the planet March: Learn the piano every single day for a month April: Study one foreign language every day for a whole month (Vietnamese) May 6: Run Broad Street and Read a book every day June: Fast for 3-5 days July 13: Do a Spartan run that’s 10 miles August 24: Do a triathlon September 21: City to Shore October: Mediation and yoga every day for a whole month November: Run a marathon December: Find ways to max out your weight reps

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