The Importance Of Building Company Culture Early With aWeber CEO; Tom Kulzer


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The reason why I wanted to interview Tom Kulzer specifically is because anytime you can have a conversation with somebody who bootstrapped a company to where aWeber’s growth is now to how it started, you have to take that person up on the conversation. So just the, the mindset is just completely different than that of like a corporate person or even an entrepreneur who has received funding. You have to be a little bit more resourceful and every dollar counts, which you can kind of hear that from the conversation. Every dollar and every penny counts for that matter. Mean you can hear that in the conversation as you, as you continue to listen. Tom also created an email newsletter in 1996 when nobody was using email newsletters.

And in my opinion, I think that was kind of the catalyst to why he started a weber was seen as this opportunity in order to talk to somebody. And so we talk about that and we also talk about the glamor of getting funding versus not getting funding and what that looks like. Lastly, and I think this is the most important thing, is the conversation that we had about company culture. So, and I asked a very specific question to tom and it says, and I asked, when I think of a Weber, I think culture, people who love their job, a worldclass support. What do you think of it? And that’s what I say to Tom. So stay tuned to hear Tom’s answer to this question because it will ignite a fire under your butt. Uh, it’s going to motivate you, it’s going to make you realize what’s really important.

And that’s your people. So culture ties. We even talk about a wearing ties and then the slide that they have in the office. So when I say slide, they lived intimately, have a slide inside their office, two slides, and they even have races, which is pretty insane, so that and so much more on today’s episode.

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