Google Undergoes A Facelift And The Importance Of Backing Up Your Data


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Welcome to episode 61 of the Blind Tech Guys. As always, thanks to all of you for tuning in and a special welcome to our first time listeners.

What’s New, In The News

Main Discussion On Today’s Episode

On this week's episode, Nimer demonstrated the use of the new Google Pay app. It was clear that a lot of work still needs to be done to make this application fully functional, so we suggest waiting until it is formally released, rather than rushing out and downloading the early access version.

Warren’s Tip Of The Week

This week, Warren discussed Alpha Backup Pro and demonstrated the app’s functionality. Disappointingly, this app still has a long way to go in order to be fully accessible, and the team would certainly appreciate the opportunity to interview the developer of Alpha Backup pro so we can go about discussing what changes we would like made and to explain to him the importance of accessibility and why this is such a vital component to blind and visually-impaired users.

Listener Emails

We received two very thought-provoking listener emails this week and the team appreciates each of you for taking the time to ask your questions and we hope that we managed to answer them to your satisfaction.


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