How To Sort Out Your Android OS 11 Talkback Issues On A Samsung Phone


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Welcome to episode 67 of the Blind Tech Guys. We wish all of our listeners a happy new year and trust that 2021 will be a far better year for all of you than 2020 was.
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Main Discussion On Today’s Episode

Kirt discusses getting Talkback back on Samsung devices running Android 11 and takes us through the process of how to get this done by using NVDA on a Windows PC and how to set things up to run smoothly on his Samsung device.

Kirt used This tutorial on xda developers to uninstall Samsung Talkback. For convenience, the specific commands for removing Samsung Talkback are listed below.

  1. Extract the developer tools to an easy location, plug your phone into a USB port on your computer, enable USB debugging in your phone developer options and grant your computer permission as directed by the XDA tutorial. If prompted make sure you change your connection from charging only to file transfer mode.
  2. Open the “platform tools” inside the ADB folder you extracted, press shift +f10 and you’ll either be able to run the command prompt or power shell. Either works.
  3. Launch the developer bridge.
  4. Command prompt: adb devices
  5. powershell: .\adb devices
  6. Open the adb shell:
  7. Command prompt: adb shell
  8. Powershell: .\adb shell
  9. Uninstall Samsung Talkback – He couldn’t get this to copy and paste in powershell so you may have to type this out:
  10. pm uninstall -k –user 0
  11. If you get the “success” message, Samsung Talkback has been uninstalled. If your Talkback was on during the uninstall you may need to turn it off before stock Talkback shows up in your installed services. He used commentary screen reader for that part.

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