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Welcome to the final episode of 2020, episode 66, of the Blind Tech Guys. We appreciate you taking the time out to listen to the show and we thank you for your continued support throughout what has certainly been a challenging year.

Main Discussion On Today’s Episode

On this episode, we welcome the third member of our trio, Kirt Manwaring, to the team and we have no doubt that you will enjoy having him appear each week on the show as much as we love having him around.
We also followed up our last mid-week bonus episode by further discussing GoodMaps, as well as our personal favorite, Nearby Explorer.

We chatted about our giveaway, which will likely be done on the first of our Kish Kish Zoom get-togethers.

  • You can find out more about our Zoom parties, as well as enter to win $100 by going to the Blind Tech Guys website, but it is imperative that you listen to this episode, as the secret word that you will need is contained within the show.

Finally, Nimer spoke on the fact that Microsoft's Seeing AI app now supports LiDAR scanners on the iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Max.

Listener Emails
This week, instead of reading out listener feedback, we decided to run through some of the responses that we have received in the past week from our listeners via our feedback form. We appreciate all of you that have provided comments on our form and the team wants you to know that we most certainly take every piece of feedback that we receive extremely seriously.
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