Website Accessibility, WillyWeather And Labelling Buttons


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Welcome to episode 68 of the Blind Tech Guys. Thanks as always for listening and we certainly have much to share with you this week. Please come back on Thursday at 7 pm U.S. time to hear us live recapping the Samsung announcements.

What’s New, In the News

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Main Discussion On Today’s Episode

The team discuss methods of determining whether a website is accessible, and how to go about accessing all features of that site.

Marco demonstrates WillyWeather on a Samsung S10+, which is a very accessible and accurate weather app on both Android and iOS for those living in Australia. Taken from their website, WillyWeather uses information based on data supplied by the
Bureau of Meteorology and other sources.

Check WillyWeather out.

Nimer discusses Linux and provides our listeners with various options as to how to go about installing the platform and various ways of obtaining assistance, whether it be on an email list or by doing your research and reading documentation.

Did You Know?

Kirt demonstrates Blindo, an app with user-submitted Talkback labels for popular Android applications

Listener Emails

We only received one listener email this week, which made for a very quick q & a section.

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