Olympian Dotsie Bausch on Cycling, Switch4Good, & the Dairy Industry


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Dotsie Bausch is a 7-time USA Cycling National Champion, an Olympic medalist, a featured athlete in the film, The Game Changers, and the executive director of Switch4Good. We talked to Dotsie about her very unusual path to an Olympic podium; her work at Swith4Good; and what we ought to understand about dairy products and the dairy industry.


  • Dotsie’s athletic background (1:44)
  • When did you start cycling? (7:55)
  • Mental toughness vs. natural ability (12:50)
  • Getting into Track Cycling & Team Pursuit (16:07)
  • 2012 Olympics (19:19
  • Mountain biking (22:29)
  • What is Switch4Good? (24:18)
  • Why focus on dairy? (38:04)
  • Where to follow Switch4Good (1:00:50)

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