What You Need to Know - and Do - about the National Environmental Protection Act (NEPA)


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You are probably familiar with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), but what do you know about the arguably more important National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA)? NEPA is a critical piece of legislation, and each of us needs to understand what it does and why it matters so much. And currently, some major changes to NEPA are being proposed that could have extremely serious environmental and human rights consequences.

So to help us understand the high stakes of the changes being proposed, we spoke to Hilary Eisen, the policy director for the Winter Wildlands Alliance.


  • What is the Winter Wildlands Alliance? (3:15)
  • NEPA: It’s History & What It Does (4:09)
  • NEPA & the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) (8:36)
  • The Trump administration & NEPA (14:33)
  • NEPA, Human Health, & People of Color (37:25)
  • What We Can Do (42:02)

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