Block Digest #195 - Struck By Lightning


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Welcome to episode #195 of Block Digest! (Wednesday, October 23rd 2019) Join us: Follow us on Twitter: Credits ======== Shinobius - Janine - Nopara - ON HIATUS: Rick - Intro Song: DVNZXL - [fried_noodles] This video is licensed under Creative Commons (CC BY 4.0): Links ===== Lightning Coming To Electrum || Acinq "Phoenix" Wallet Demo || Lightning DoS Bug? || Blockstream Green - Early access to Tor - HTC Full Node - Bitfinex Files Discovery Regarding Crypto Capital || Joint SEC/CFTC/FinCEN Statement on KYC/AML In Crypto || IRS Adds Crypto To Tax Forms || SEC Halt Telegram ICO || USG Strong Arms Libra Members || CME Futures Gaining Interest || Bitwise ETF Denied || UNICEF Keeping Crypto Donations In Crypto || Chainalysis Took Down Porn Site: CIA/FBI Editing Wikipedia || Assange Appears at Case Management Hearing, Looking Worse ||, Gold Blockchain || New Taproot Proposal Update || || TumbeBit++ Quick Update - Academics Are Living In The Stone Age Casa Node "Security" Vulnerability || LINKS COMING SOON Bitsniff Network Analysis Tool: Finding Crypto Data In Encrypted Traffic || Hong Kong - Blizzard, NBA - Hong Kong Free Press Drops Bitpay for BTCPayServer || Donate to Block Digest with bitcoins: 3NG9TkTztxUEg44Mcby4Uk3poNn9s6pYjV

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