Bonus Episode 2


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Markham McIntyre, chief of staff of Seattle Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce jumps on and talks Seattle politics with David. We start with what his organization does and how it relates to the restaurant industry. We talk about working with Seattle Restaurant Alliance and current issues affecting them, namely staffing. We talk comprehensive immigration reform from the local, state and federal levels. Policy change. And how individuals can affect those changes.

We get into homelessness. Rent control. Zoning. Transportation. Responsiveness. And holding local politicians/city council responsible to the community. Communication and frustration. Transparency.

Talk a lot about leadership, and that anyone can throw their hat in the political ring. We end with an example of Pioneer Square and how the Pioneer Square Alliance fostered the beautification of a historically shady area of Seattle.

This was a really informative conversation about passion for making your community better, the mechanics of policy change, and following your heart.

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